ITS SLIME TIME - great fun for the kids!!!

ITS SLIME TIME - great fun for the kids!!!

What you will need…

• White craft glue
• 2 disposable cups
• Food colouring (you pick the colour)
• Water
• Borax Powder (available at most large grocery stores near the laundry detergent)
• A plastic spoon (for stirring)
• A tablespoon (for measuring)

What to do…

* Fill one small cup with water and add a spoonful of the Borax powder and stir it up. Then set it aside.
* Fill the other small cup with about 2.5 cm of the glue.
* Add three tablespoons (20 ml) of water to the glue and stir.
* Add a few drops of the food colouring and stir it up until mixed.
* Now the fun part...Add one tablespoons of the Borax solution you made earlier and stir well. Watch the slime form!
* After the slime forms let it sit for about 30 seconds and then pull it off the spoon and play with it!
Tip: Keep your slime in a tightly closed plastic bag when you are not playing with it, and keep it away from carpet and your little sister's hair.

How does it work???

Now for the SCIENCE part.... This POLYMER is unique because it has qualities of both a solid and a liquid. It can take the shape of its containers like a liquid does, yet you can hold it in your hand and pick it up like a solid. As you might know, solid molecules are tight together, liquid molecules spread out and break apart (drops) POLYMER molecules CHAIN themselves together (they can stretch and bend like chains) and that makes them special. Jell-O, rubber bands, plastic soda bottles, sneaker soles, even gum are all forms of polymers. The polymer you made should be kept in a sealed plastic bag when you aren't playing with it. Also, be sure to keep it away from young kids or pets who might think it's food.

Have fun!