About Us

Welcome from the Widelski family.

We are a family of 6, MOM, DAD, 3 young boys and a cat and are currently based in Cape Town, South Africa.  

We started our Spotty Frog business from a grand search on a very particular product… to encourage our 3 young boys to sit down and eat a healthy meal.  Much to our disapproval, they were more interested in playing than eating.  So we tried cutting their sandwiches, fruit, meats and salads with cookie cutters (wasted too much bread), butter knives and kitchen scissors, but we just couldn’t get the unique shapes they wanted without a full 5 hours of intense focus (lol).  

We came across a few sandwich cutters but soon noticed that my kids were after something far more exciting and with which they could interact, create, learn and play with their food and enjoy meal times. So the search began. After visiting many different sites and checking all the (health and safety specifications). We started to think we would not find exactly what we had in mind, when literally a day later, we stumbled across the “ The Lunch Punch®”  website, and there it was… like a bright shining light of hope, the creative, funky, unique and exciting cutters I envisaged. The search was over!!!

It was amazing and needless to say, I immediately set about contacting the company and making plans to bring this amazing product into South Africa….

And… well…the rest is history!!!

We now, proudly, have sole distribution throughout South Africa :)

We really have found an amazing product, which is a huge hit with MOM, DAD, GRANDPARENTS and CHILDREN. 

So finally, the Lunch punch sandwich cutters are here to save the day!!!

This fantastic new product is special, easy, fun and healthy: Now you can cut off that unappealing crust and transform your kiddies’ sandwich into a healthy, fun, interactive and educational experience.

The Lunch Punch® is

  •    BPA FREE
  •     Phthalate FREE
  •     PVC Free and lead FREE
  •     Made from FDA certified food-grade plastic
  •     100% recyclable (includes packaging)
  •     Kid friendly and dishwasher safe


Since starting up beginning of 2013, we have had an overwhelming response and social following that we have decided it was time to expand a little, offering a few more products focused on children, encouraging healthy eating and education.


And there you have it…

My advise to anyone out there who thinks its not possible, it is!!!

If we can do it, so can you, if you are passionate about something as much as we are then anything is possible, life has some incredible surprises install for us all…


Best wishes and we hope you enjoy the products we have provided for you on our shopping site…   

The Widelski Family