A Magical Christmas Eve Box 2021

A Magical Christmas Eve Box 2021

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A Magical Christmas Eve Box contains: 

Personalised Letter 
Written by the one and only Santa Claus. This letter offers each child recognition and encouragement from Santa Claus, keeping the joy and magic alive!

Reindeer Feed with a Guiding Light – A Little Lantern with a Tea Light, a Bag of Shimmer, and Reindeer Food 
Enjoy a little bag of magical reindeer feed to sprinkle in the garden on Christmas Eve. Help Santa and his reindeer to find their way by hanging a little lantern and sprinkling a bag of shimmer dust outside.

DIY Mini Gingerbread House Kit 
With icing, smarties, jelly tots, and sprinkles. This will be LOVED by the whole family. So many fun ways to make this cute little house even yummier!

Diddle Daddle Popcorn (40gms)
A yummy caramel popcorn treat, just because we LOVE it :)

Christmas Squishy Ball 
This is one of the elves' favorites! A squishy squeezer that the elves love to play and fidget with when they start to feel a little overwhelmed!
It’s been a tough year for everyone with all the restrictions. At times it may have felt really hard, and it’s OK to feel this way! So many of us are feeling it too, including Mr. Claus. That’s why this squishy squeezer has been a big hit in the North Pole this year.

Santa’s Christmas Bauble Time Capsule
This Christmas Bauble will surely become a new tradition. Each year you can capture a few memories by adding little memory notes, some pictures/photos, and a few small items that remind you and your family of the past year. This is a unique fun way to create a time capsule that can be added to your Christmas decorations each year. Every Bauble will come with idea cards and a little Christmas bling, just to keep it feeling festive and fun. What could be better than admiring a beautiful Christmas tree full of special memories with your family at the most wonderful time of the year?

Creative Christmas Gratitude Card – with a Little Gift
This year has been long and hard for all of us, so we have decided to remember the smaller things in life. Often the smaller things turn out to be the most important. We thought it would be nice to share our gratitude with others, so we have included two fun elf cards with a range of crafty items to decorate and stick onto your pictures.
Make it fun and fill it with love. Find extra items around the house and get creative. Once you have added the magic to your card, write a little message on the back, reminding the lucky person you will give it to why you think they are so special.
We have included a little chocolate that you can attach to the card to make this gratitude card a little sweeter :)

Bubble Bath Fun
We all know by now that Santa’s best time is bath time when he loves to relax and enjoy bubbles in his warm tub.
These bubbles have magical scents – from festive forests to playful pomegranates.
Enjoy a bath, after all, your Christmas Eve activities, and get ready to snuggle up and fall asleep before Santa reaches your home this Christmas Eve. 

Festive Christmas Mug with a cool winter wonderland decal.
This mug will entertain you with a whirl of warm milk and the gentle melting explosion of your sparkling chocolate bomb.
As I’m sure you will already know, it's very cold outside at the North Pole, but inside it’s always toasty and warm. Santa enjoys warm milk in the evening before bed to make him sleepy, and cold milk with his breakfast before work to keep him bright-eyed and bushy-tailed :)

North Pole Sparkling Chocolate Bomb
This sparkling chocolate bomb will delight you. Pop this ball into your festive Christmas Mug, pour some warm/ hot milk over the top, and watch it slowly melt to reveal a glittery explosion of hot chocolate, mini-mallows, and chocolate drink. YUMMMMMMMY!

Santa Best, Bit-Size Christmas S’mores 
This has been Mrs. Claus's special treat for Santa this year. Sometimes he just needed a little “pick-me-up”, and this did the trick.
He LOVES these mini s’mores! What better way to treat him with his favorite treat this Christmas Eve. Make a few for you and your family to enjoy too.

Elf’s Crafty Christmas Critters
Elves just love people and animals. During the quieter times in lockdown this year, the elves started to craft their very own little Christmas critters.
They are fun, silly, fuzzy, furry, shaggy little critters with a ton of Christmas spirit.
Our head Elf – Jerome, has insisted we send you your very own bag to craft your Christmas Critter. Don’t forget to name your little guy !

Personalised Christmas Eve box
All of this is packed in a beautiful newly designed, strong, high gloss, personalised Christmas Eve Box that is printed with loads of cute pictures, jokes, and fun facts for your little ones to enjoy this Christmas Eve.




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